NE Parks 100 event format survey

Dear fellow activators! It’s time for us to decide on the format of the Nebraska Parks Centennial activation event. Below is a brief survey that I’d like you to fill out. Here are a few considerations to take into account when you make your choice:

(1) The initial idea is to put as many Nebraska parks on the air as possible, simultaneously (or almost simultaneously). This is best achieved with a shorter event (a day- or weekend-long). Of course, having a longer (week-long) event will better accommodate scheduling conflicts of more activators, but it will look and feel more disperse and less “special” IMO.

(2) Staying away from weekends seems like the best strategy to avoid competition with contests and QSO parties – however, most of us will not be able to commit a working day to the event.

(3) I do not like the idea of combining the event with the FD2021 – Field Day is a great event of its own, and should remain separate from the celebration of Nebraska parks that we are planning.

I greatly appreciate your feedback, and encourage you to share your ideas and suggestions not covered in this survey in the text field at the end of the form. Thank you for your time and 73!

What activation event format do you find most appealing to you?(required)

If the event will be during one day or one weekend, should we plan for a "rain date" one week after the main date?(required)

Do you support the idea of having two events of the same format – one in spring and one in fall 2021?(required)